Philip’s Barbershop

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Logo design for barber shop
Barbershop corporate identity
Social media barbershop

Philip’s barbershop based in Belgium promises perfect haircuts and high quality men’s grooming.

Also, this is a barbershop with a vintage style that comes to elevate the men’s haircut, groom the beard and completely transform the appearance.

The collaboration

The inspiration for logo design came from male nature itself. In particular, we combined the two “P’s” from the initial “Philip’s” to form a distinctive male face. In addition, with the appearance of the beard on the badge, we made the message even more noticeable. In addition, the entire corporate identity style exudes a sense of “old” style that harkens back to another era.

We chose the specific color palette to match the style and decoration of the barbershop. Also, thelabel design for hair shampoo and beard oil in a dark look, had to suggest the man’s dynamism and elegance.

We based social media management on the style we wanted the brand to exude. More specifically, we rendered all their creations with a very creative design, keeping the shape of the logo as a central figure. Also, we edited graphic elements, fancy images, patterns, which makes it more special and more attractive to the audience.