Green Center

Logo design / Corporate identity design / Construction of a website for nurseries / Social media management

Logo Design
Corporate identity design
Construction of a website for a nursery

In 1980 in Europos Kilkis, Thomas Voudouroglou turned his love for plants and flowers into a profession and thus created the first nursery there.

In 1998 this family business was moved to Chalkidona, Thessaloniki and is active in the production and marketing of ornamental plants, trees and shrubs. It also provides garden construction and maintenance services.

The collaboration

The original concept was to design something that would directly refer to garden architecture since this was what the owner wanted from the beginning.

In other words, the logo mark is inspired by a garden architecture plan thus emphasizing the construction and beautification of a garden. The patterns enclosed in the square shape are about the design of an outdoor space with the leaflets making the activity even more noticeable.

However, it is a brand whose design makes it memorable and more distinctive precisely because of its uniqueness.

Green shades are intertwined with nature and plants. In the design of the website, we moved with photographic material, giving equal emphasis to the services for beautification of gardens, while we also undertook the editing of the texts of the website.

With a pleasant and easy navigation, we emphasized calls to action which are a basic condition for a successful website.