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We are a creative office specializing in logo and corporate identity design, packaging and label design, graphic design, web design and social media management.

Our graphic creative office is characterized by the high quality of design, the consistency , the immediacy, the love to passionately create brands that attract attention and highlight the philosophy of each company.

We love distinctive design through graphic design. We like simple and special. We pursue development and knowledge while tackling each project with consistency. We keep up to date with every news in our field. But above all, we seek long-term partnerships!

Our goal is for your business to always be one step ahead of the competition and to stand out from the rest brands. We want to build long-term and stable partnerships.

Our works are characterized by our clients minimal and with a special unique design that makes them stand out.

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Our goal

With graphic design, we help a business to develop a strong brand, a uniform visual image that will help it to be recognized by the public. A professional image that will make it communicate more effectively with its customers. In this way it will highlight the high quality of its services or products. Simply put, starting with the logo, we maintain a consistent profile both visually and functionally for the company to achieve recognizability and ultimately differentiate itself from the rest. The brand generally requires creativity and design. We collect images, pieces, line drawings, icons and patterns, color shades, fonts and set them to follow each business, in future posts and ads.

We know very well that good design can change the world, make it more creative and beautiful. And here we are right to do it with you.

Everything we do for each business is unique and specially designed just for it. This unique image of the company creates a special character in its audience.



γραφίστας Θεσσαλονίκη

Graphic and web designer

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Web developer


According to studies, people more easily trust a business with a complete visual identity because it has more credibility.


We love the distinctive design and aesthetic perfection because it makes the result unique.


No business can survive without an internet presence since most of the world is now looking for more and more businesses with services or products from the internet.


We are always proud of our projects. We love what we do. It gives us vitality and joy! Our passion, enthusiasm and know-how make this trip unique!

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