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Logo design
Label design for jams

Margarita wanted us to give a name to the handmade jam business she makes that would be associated with her name as well as then design her line of labels.

The products she makes are promoted in her circle, in small local shops and patisseries.

The cooperation

In naming, we thought there should be some association between the name Margarita and the word Marmalade. Therefore, we kept the 1st syllable of the two words which is the same + the 2nd syllable from marmalade while adding the last letters –ita– from Margarita. Thus, the labels acquired a name that is identified with the concept of sweetness and products.

The logo with the opening lid is inspired by the jam jars which was formed from the initial letter of the three words M (Margarita + Jam + Marmalade).

The font of the logo and the labels are handwritten to emphasize the handmade nature of the products and refer to a more traditional style.

The labels are based on a soft beige shade while the fruit display was given a linear design in a style that fits as a whole with the rest of the piece.

They were designed for 5 flavors, strawberry, peach, apricot, fig and pomegranate. We emphasized and highlighted the fact that they are sugar-free which is also their special and important feature.