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Anagnostou Angeliki is a civil engineer and is active in a wide range of project and construction design services. Its purpose is to carry out research to solve the problems of a project at a computational level, description, calculations and cost estimates of a technical project. Building permits, architectural studies, legalizations, surveying and expertise.

The collaboration

The logo design had to associate her name with the object from the beginning. Since both names start with the letter “A” we kept it as a shape and after drawing in our mind that it is a floor plan of a building with the interior spaces, we started to create it in our mind. This logic helped us frame a symbol that reflects an edifice.
The colors we used it’s black and orange, an attention-grabbing color with a very high visibility index.
Then we drew the corporate identity such as business cards, letterhead, envelope which work in design with harmony and uniformity. The pattern we designed and used in applications comes from the logo symbol, which together with the rest, gives recognition and prestige to the brand.
The creation of posts for the social media was a very strong part of our collaboration, as the colors and the nature of her work played the primary role to be inspired and create something very distinctive and attractive. After all, this is what attention should be paid to in social media. Content and a unique design that creates pleasant feelings for Internet users who are bombarded daily by advertisements and a wealth of information.