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Brewery logo design
Beer label design

The company Agatha quality products has been active since 2009 throughout Northern Greece with headquarters in Thessaloniki in the field of beer, wine and other beverage distribution. Agatha approached our office for the design of a logo for her e-shop thessbeera brewing proposals and the design of labels for her beers. 

The cooperation

Brewery company logo design

The concept for the logo design was inspired by the name itself. In particular, from the shape of the wheat we thought to form a characteristic part of the white tower. We connected the original Thess (which was isolated from the rest of the name by changing its color, leaving only the beer to denote the object and to emphasize even more the branch of activity and the “a” at the end as a continuation of Thess. .a (loniki). This is how we connect it with Thessaloniki, which is also the headquarters of the company where it started, making the brand more characteristic, pleasant and familiar to the public.

The symbol’s sideways shape encloses the upper part of the white rook to form the wheat. With the est. 2009 we declare the start of the business for more emphasis on the many years of experience and area of the brewery..

Beer label design

Because of the name CHAPERDONNA PALE ALE which means a lively young woman we moved symbolically and focused some labels on a female figure or characteristic symbols that subconsciously refer there… In this chosen design, the female figure comes with a modern design and a special look that makes the label immediately catches the eye and stands out among others!