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Free or ready-made logo? The dangers that await!

Free or ready-made logo.

The logo design is a time consuming, delicate and highly creative process. To achieve a perfect result you need professionalism, inspiration and experience. Every movement and thought on the design has a meaning.

The logo is the name of the company and its brand and should reflect its properties. A great deal of study around this has to do with competition.

A logo represents your business, so the design should reflect the philosophy, history and quality of its products / services. To apply correctly in all the advertising promotions of the company. But above all, it must be special so that it does not look like any other.

logo design for accounting office
Concept example – Central logo idea. See the project here.

Basic specifications:

  • Be unique and recognizable
  • To be modern
  • The public should immediately receive the information and message they want about the business
  • Do not alter in case of reduction and its details are clearly visible.
  • Apply well to labels and packaging

For the above reasons alone, professionals in the field must undertake its creation.

However, when a professional chooses to save money on the production of his logo, this action can pose serious risks to the prestige and reputation of his business.

The free or ready logo is a trap that at first entices you and then you look for ways to restore the right image of the business. Having a free or ready-made logo increases the likelihood that you will need to redesign in the near future for a proper and quality work.

The dangers of a free or ready-made logo

  1. Creating a free or ready-made logo through some platform can be an easy, fast and economical solution for the modern professional, but certainly not reliable. Usually the logos that result from such an easy solution, are of low aesthetic quality.
  2. The logo was not designed with specific graphic specifications as mentioned above. That is:

a) It will not be unique, since there will be no concept and so the idea will not be unique.

b) it will not be possible to make elementary changes to optimize it so that the customer can see it in other schematic or color versions so that he can finally decide with confidence on its final form.

c) It will not be possible to make a mockup (photo display) to see how it fits an example on a sign, on a business card, in an outdoor area, in an advertising model, on a website, etc.

design | model layout for Lemon Garden kindergarten
Logo for the daycare center Lemonokipos in Thermi Thessaloniki
design | creation of the Messolonghi Holy City logo
Logo design of the Municipality of Messolonghi for the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution

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