Chatzikonstantinidis – Accounting office

Corporate identity / Graphic design

Logo design
Corporate identity

The office of Hatzikonstantinidis Grigoris, is based in Thessaloniki and provides accounting and tax services. Raindesign undertook the professional promotion of the office through the creation of a corporate identity.

The purpose of the brand is the immediate recognition by the public and its differentiation from the competition.

The cooperation

The source of inspiration for the design of the logo was the initial letter of the adjective “X” and the symbol% which directly refers to accounting and taxation. As a result, we achieved a special connection with a direct correlation of its activity so that the public immediately understands the nature of the business.

Its typographic, solid character, without flanges, wants to give seriousness, stability and confidence. The green color we chose is associated with economic data and symbolizes progress and rise.

In business cards we moved to minimal design for a serious, professional and careful result. The logo on the front of the card has its own weight, which is why we did not place unnecessary elements.

The creative editing for the social media cover was based on the color of the brand. The placement of financial data and symbols indicate the business sector in conjunction with the rise – development.

Logo & Corporate identity.