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Packaging and label design: Focus on design

Packaging and label design is where a consumer differentiates a product from another, one business from another.

Whether it will attract or repel the public depends primarily on its design. That is, its external appearance, since this is what the consumer will see first. According to statistical surveys, packaging and label design play the largest role in product sales. The aim is to catch the eye so that someone notices it, to be impressed and in the end to be tempted to buy it.

We give personality to the product

You give us the information we need so that we can approach its design direction and strategy. What we do next is to give the product uniqueness and its own visual identity. The one that will be acquired to be recognized by the public through a set of design, typographic, color and graphic combinations. This ensemble must faithfully represent the product and speak for it.

Logo and label design for jams


We study the specifications of the product and do research on its competition. We aim for the right audience to be more efficient.


Once we have determined together the design direction that we will follow, we start the plans. The presentation that will be made and the final control by you determines the final result.


Together we end up with the final form that the package / label will have. The paper you choose and the printing method will make your product stand out even more.

A package with good design always charms and leaves positive impressions. It enlivens the product, highlights it more and gives it credibility.

Packaging should inspire the consumer and give them the impetus and motivation to make the first move which is to attract interest.


label design for sweet jars


This can be achieved by using the correct fonts, colors, patterns, photos (if any), or linear shapes. The font must match or be the same as the corporate identity of the company and the colors must predispose to the contents of the package. That is, the color shades that will be used should be depending on the ingredients or the color of the product that is enclosed in it. Thus there will be a direct correlation and recognition. Also, if a photo is used on the package, it must be professional and of high quality in order to be able to attract attention.

If everything is done correctly and always with graphic design, the packaging will attract the public and will keep only good impressions.

If the packaging of your products has years to be redesigned, does not express you or if there is no consistent design strategy, contact us. We will be happy to work together for a result that will reflect the values and quality of your products!





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