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Which graphic designs on social media attract the most users?

Graphic design on social media is important to be professionally and consistently designed. Follow a fixed pattern and a fixed line.

It has been proven that the attraction for a post on social media depends to a large extent first on its design and then on its content.

The image that social media users face is the one that will catch their interest or make them indifferent and scroll down. It helps to know in general their preferences, what internet users like and what they do not like.


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Do you want to attract more looks and longer?

Below are some tips with the most interesting posts.

Color palette on social media based on that of the brand

It is very important to choose the colors of the brand from the beginning, taking into account all its parameters and possible applications. When designing a brand, our first thought is more what will happen next and not now .

The minimal design in the graphic design on social media is more quality

The trend of minimalism has been on the rise in recent years. It is no coincidence that large companies prefer minimal design to advertise their products or services. It is proven to work effectively.

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Motion graphics

The animated graphics in a post are the most interesting on social media. It has become a part of our lives lately. More and more companies are using motion graphics to grab the attention of users.

Creating a motion video with brand elements is a unique and special way for the company to make a difference and be one step ahead of the competitor. It is also something that users see for more time as they “keep their eye” on the method of movement and this is exactly what is required. In addition, it helps tremendously in building a strong and dignified brand.

Emphasis on typography

Intense and extra bold fonts, alternating weights and dimensions, give confidence and more professionalism by sending the message you want to give more directly.

Earthy effects on photos or whatever suits your style

Photo posts with color or tonal processing and containing special effects, according to research, make a graphic post more attractive. Photos with natural and vibrant colors have a slightly lower response rate than specially editable ones.

In general, social media graphic design creates strong bonds of trust and reliability between a business and its page fans. The combination of all the above on a consistent basis, create a proper strategy of your brand on social networks.



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