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The logo forms an image in the minds of the public! Creates associations. Then … an impression is created.Based on research, people trust a company that has a complete brand more easily.

The brand is the basis of everything you start. It is the foundation that ensures that everything will start from here. The entire corporate identity will be based on the logo.

Would you trust a company without a logo and brand? What emotions would you get?

It is our job to ensure that your brand first impression is good and this is not as easy as it sounds because a logo goes through many stages until the final result. There are many companies that get ready-made or cheap generic logos, but this will result in “costing” you in the future. Everything we do, we do from the beginning and it is unique, special.

Creating a logo is done from scratch without ready-made patterns. We use clean lines and minimal design. It takes research, study and time for the concept. 

  • Logotype

  • Business card

  • Business envelope

  • Business folder

  • Letterhead

  • Block or recipe

  • Documents

  • Appointment cards

  • Board / sign

  • Stickers

  • Vehicle stickers

  • Interior graphics


You do not need many details. The complicated shape people tend not to remember. Thus, in this way it is easily adaptable to any application or surface. It must be clear and reflected just as well on a black and white background. The font should be clear and legible.


Some professionals, in their attempt to find the most economical solution for the design of their brand, resort to ready-made or cheap logos in order to make money. From our experience, however, what we always say is that WITH A CHEAP COST YOU CAN SAVE MONEY BUT YOU LOSE IN QUALITY. The brand is created once and must be governed by seriousness, prestige and reliability.


Unique and different from any other. To stand out and not be confused with another. Be made just for you. TO HAVE HIS OWN CHARACTER AND HIS PERSONALITY.

See some of our logos in their black and white version.

logos brand identity graphic design thessaloniki greece creative agency


In the first steps before the idea and the need of our brand were created, the majority of the projects we designed were business cards. Since then we have come a long way and moved on to another level. The role of graphic design, in any form, is to convey its message to the world in such a way as to inspire it to get in touch with you. People need to connect with the plan within a second.

The external appearance counts!! Focus on the graphic design! THINK QUALITY!

The interest and investment in a creative design for the needs of your business, shows your customers that you love what you do!

  • Flyers

  • Brochures

  • Multipages

  • Posters

  • Catalogues

  • Invitations

  • Magazines

  • Advertisements

  • Outdoor advertising

  • Indoor advertising

  • Package / Label / Series of products

  • Social media management 


As unique as your brand should be, so should your website!

Do you just want to have a website or make it a fun experience?

In general, we are always of the philosophy that beauty lies in simplicity and functionality. This applies to the brand, to the graphic design and of course the exception is not everything we make digitally whether it is the graphic management of social media or the website. The website should be designed and designed first by a graphic designer and then by a developer. Thus, we achieve a beautiful graphic design result of high aesthetics. 

  • Web design

  • Graphics / banners

  • Development in WordPress

creative graphic design office in Greece logotype corporate identity brand website build

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