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Logo design
Corporate identity design

Corporate identity design for a clothing store.

The amazing Zen-The Boutique is active on the beautiful island of Lefkada. It is a space that is exclusively for women who want to stand out with unique appearances in clothes and accessories for every occasion.

For the Zen – The boutique lingerie store, we undertook the design of the logo and corporate identity. We designed the business cards and the hanging cards for the clothes. Also the editing of graphic design in social media posts.

The cooperation

With the move and the creation of the new store in a new space, we were asked to design the logo. This would be nothing more than a pure calligraphic font symbolizes and enhances feminine air and style . The whole corporate identity was based on the style and color of the logo with a warm pattern to accompany it, thus inspiring the modern woman to upgrade and renew her style.

The main color of the new corporate identity is pink, which exudes sensitivity and sweetness. Inspired by feminine romantic nature, she comes to meet gold, which in turn symbolizes perfection. It also highlights the modern, prestige and chic character of the space. The colors “tie” perfectly with the shades of the space and so the uniformity prevails and the aesthetic result is absolutely high.

We promoted along with the logo, and banner for social media- grand opening- thus inviting people to visit it and get to know it up close. Then the need arose for business cards, change cards and cards with holes for clothes, jewelry and jewelry. The same pattern was used on all the cards for consistency and harmony. The pattern is purely inspired by the shape of women’s accessories, such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings.