Graphic design and prints for Monastery products

Graphic design
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Graphic design and prints for Monastery products.

The Holy Monastery of Saints Augustine and Seraphim of Sarof is located just outside the village of Trikorfo in the prefecture of Fokida. It is a newly established monastery, the owner and founder of which is Elder Nektarios Moulatsiotis. Characteristic of the monastery is the largest bell tower in the world, with 400 beacons and 62 bells.

In the cellar of the Monastery you will find the highest quality traditional products, handicrafts, ointments, healing oils, soaps based on olive oil and various herbs. The Monastery has a tradition in the production of higher quality products, only from natural ingredients, without the addition of preservatives. The products stand out for their excellent quality and authentic taste.

The cooperation

Initially, we designed a 16-page catalog of Monastic products divided into categories where the central idea on the left was to present the full prologue along with a photograph referring to the content or perhaps some line drawings concerning one of the main components of the products on the right. page. The font of the whole catalog was chosen to display the traditional and handmade character.

Posters and other design applications are presented.

Προχωρήσαμε σε σχεδιασμό ετικέτας κρασιού για το Μοναστηριακό Νάμα – Οίνος Γλυκός Θείας Ευχαριστίας σε μπουκάλι των 750gr, 250gr και σε συλλεκτική συλλογή σε κοπτικό καμπάνας. Έπειτα συνεχίσαμε με τη δημιουργία διαφημιστικών φυλλαδίων δύο όψεων για τη προώθηση του e-shop των Μοναστηριακών προϊόντων.