Logo design for an occupational therapy center / Center for special treatments

Logo design for an occupational therapy center

The thesstherapy occupational therapy center in Oreokastro, Thessaloniki, provides services that develop the skills of children and adults in the context of diagnosing various disorders with the aim of appropriate treatment that will help their smooth development. The specialty therapy center asked us to design theirlogo with cheerful visual approach.  

The cooperation

For the design of the logo, special emphasis was placed on the 5 human senses. These are hearing, sight, taste, smell and touch. These senses are clearly present in the brain from the moment of human birth, but the purpose of the special treatment center is to strengthen them further and develop them to the maximum possible.

For this reason, we put special emphasis on the presentation of the five senses, which are enclosed by boxes of different colors. In this way, and because we are mainly aimed at children, we gave a happier note. Combined with the font and colors within the letters we managed to make it more edgy, attractive and playful.