Design of travel agency posters and travel brochures / Design of corporate identity

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Design posters for travel agency and travel brochures.

Terra Santa Travel is a travel agency office, based in Heraklion, Crete and includes many services with countless excursions in its years of operation since 1977. It offers high quality services in the travel industry and has extensive experience in the tourism sector..

Organizes one-day and multi-day excursions with a religious, cultural and archaeological character in Greece and abroad. It provides many services such as bus transportation, ticket issuance, hotel booking, etc. The only sure thing is that those who travel with Terra santa travel will enjoy a unique excursion with unforgettable experience and memories!

The cooperation

Our collaboration started with the design and printing of her corporate identity, specifically her business cards, folders and folders. We selected and maintained an image that was consistent and representative of its quality. We drew our inspiration from the wonderful trips and the professional passion that the tourist office has. 

Our goal was to maintain harmony in everything we do graphic design, whether it is a poster, a print or social media banners. Balance in the style of our visual arts was a primary goal. This way we achieve recognition and create positive emotions in the public and the clients of the office. 

We design many travel posters and travel brochures, brochures and graphics on social media for destinations organized by the office. We highlight with the rich photographic material that we have, the happy atmosphere that the excursions offer, making the viewer feel that he is already there!

It is very important, especially in the tourist poster, that the right photo, the right colors and the right setting of the elements dominate. This is how the public knows that it has to do with a properly and professionally organized tourist office.