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Corporate identity – Logo

Transportation Logo Design .
Corporate identity of transportation company Thessaloniki Athens.

The company Tavlaridis Couriers was founded at the beginning of 2004, focusing its activities on couriers of documents and parcels between Thessaloniki and Athens. With the main objective of the short exchange of goods between the two cities, the company offers pickups until 22:00 at night and deliveries from 08:00 in the morning.

The cooperation

Knowing the significant impact that corporate identity has on the public, the company decided to renew its logo and corporate identity. The new design lends a contemporary and modern style, with uniform colors and fonts, enhancing uniformity in every application.

The refresh also extends to the vehicles, with impressively designed stickers that create a distinctive look. This integrated approach guarantees not only the professional image but also the recognition of the company, making it competitive and visible in the field of transport.