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Courier company logo design
Corporate identity


Corporate identity of transport company Thessaloniki Athens.
Courier company logo design of transport company Thessaloniki Athens.

Tavlaridis couriers were established at the beginning of 2004 having as main object the couriers of documents and parcels for Thessaloniki – Athens – Thessaloniki and consequently in the rest of Greece and abroad with the selection of selected partners. It has two headquarters in Thessaloniki and Athens.
The purpose is to shorten the distance between the two cities in express transport with receipts until 22:00 in the evening and deliveries from 08:00 in the morning .
From the beginning of its operation, it ensured the absolute satisfaction of its customers , always aiming at their excellent service. It is distinguished for the high quality of its services combined with the reliability , speed and economy that characterizes it.

The cooperation

The courier company Tavlaridis, knowing the significant impact that the overall corporate identity has on the public, decided to renew its logo and corporate identity. These should have a single style and a common line that connects them to the object of the business. Colors, fonts, lines, all have to go hand in hand to create a uniform professional image.

The logo took on a modern and trendy style. This was followed by business cards, vouchers, stickers on the office window and everything else the business needed. Everything was designed to have a single balanced professional image and to achieve uniformity in all its graphic applications.

They were studied, measured, designed, presented, printed, glued … The work was time consuming with several difficulties but the result had to look unique and catch the eye.

With the vehicle stickers designed, none of his trucks could go unnoticed. Impressive and special in their appearance that just make a difference!