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Logo design
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Our office designed the logo and created corporate identity for the company TALK&TOUR. The tourism sector includes the company based in Thessaloniki.

TALK&TOUR is a portable wireless tour system rental company used to broadcast a speaker/tour guide’s speech to an audience. In particular, the Talk & Tour is ideal for group tours of excursions, museums, cruises, visits to archaeological and historical sites. Also, on city tours, at exhibitions and conferences, etc.

The cooperation

The inspiration for the logo was the name itself. That is, the symbol “&” connecting the two words expand and form the microphone that the speaker / tour guide uses to speak to the audience. In addition, the two semicircles next to the letter “T” symbolize the headphones that the public has at their disposal to hear the voice of the speaker which comes from the microphone that we designed. 

The main and basic colors are black. The blue shade we chose connects the sea with the sky, as well as the meaning of the word “tour” from its name. For this reason it is considered to have a symbolic meaning of its travel character.

With a stylish font, we left a little distance and “air” one letter from the other. Also, the logo accompanies the appropriate tagline to make the message it wants to convey even more direct and visible.

We also designed the company’s business cards and its triptych information leaflet, while giving a more pleasant and creative note to its presentation, using linear cartoons, while the creation of the website is in progress.

The biggest challenge for us was the video we prepared for the needs of the website. A video animation with which we gave movement and life to the graphic cartoons of our original concept.

Then we created the company website in a one page presentation. We emphasized the main points while presenting the use of the device in detail and in a video animation. The colors and graphics form a uniform visual harmony for the brand adding a pleasant experience to the website visitor.