Design of prints and posters for cafe

Graphic design

Design of prints and posters for cafe.

Cafe Stelian in Agios Nikolaos, Halkidiki opened its doors in October 2018. It asked us to undertake the creation of a logo, to design and print its price list. In addition to fine coffees, soft drinks, beverages, the cafe also offers various snacks such as club sandwiches, crepes, pizzas, potatoes, etc. and desserts.

The cooperation

Our office undertook the design of the price list of the cafe, poster, brochures, standmenu and other various applications. Its mark in a circle was created to resemble the shape of a glass or cup with the symbols of the coffee bean on the top. The colors could not be other than the classic dark brown color associated with coffees and green, one of the colors that whet the appetite and is associated with diet. In addition to drinks, salads and snacks are available.

The design of the price list was a very pleasant and creative experience which was done with a lot of mood and passion.

The menu was written in two languages, Greek as the primary language and English as the secondary language. The serif font chosen with fringes on the edges of each letter, gives even more creativity to the style of the price list. It gives a traditional style and finally is ideal because for its specific use in the menu. It is easy to read, fast and does not tire the eye.

The professional photographic material used for the menu was combined with the line drawings. Were placed in various places within the pages created excellent impressions. Its background reminds you of a warm and friendly environment of a cafe. The color pattern and the scattered suggestions give even more emphasis to the menu. In general, his whole style left positive impressions from both the owner and the coffee customers!

The 8-page menu was printed on thick paper with matte lamination for strong durability, soft texture and stability, while the bookbinding with a pin.

The follow-up was given to the creation of his facebook page. The addition of the profile picture of the brand and the design of the cover based on the style and the photographic material of the price list were chosen so that there is a harmonious and friendly atmosphere. 

Then we were assigned to create a banner for social media notification that would mark the start of the cafeteria again according to the design pattern of the price list.