Design graphic pricelists and brochures for cafe

Graphic design
Forms and price list

Design graphic pricelists and brochures for cafe.

Stelian breakfast is a delivery company based in Agios Nikolaos, Halkidiki, where it distributes ready-made breakfast package to hotel units and rooms for rent – studio.

The excellent breakfast made with taste with pure and fresh ingredients delicious from Greek producers, comes to offer you a unique breakfast full of energy and strength.

The cooperation

We have created the triptych brochure with the products and prices of the main menu for adults and children. By the same token, we designed both single-page brochures for ordering in hotel and hostel rooms. 

The general style and use of colors harmoniously communicates with the image of a rich and healthy breakfast. All leaflets and brochures have a single image that allows them to communicate properly and effectively with the public. Recognition is achieved by the harmonious composition of all the elements. The colors, the fonts and generally the whole style give harmony to any kind of form that the business needed.

We wanted it to create the feeling of calm, relaxation, freshness and taste! There is a need for everything we do to be written in English, since it is aimed more at hotels and tourist accommodation. It is more intended for tourists who visit the places and want to enjoy a good and healthy breakfast.

The creation of a business card (two sides in Greek and English) is also a continuation of the business forms to tie and create a uniform whole. The colors and the style are a continuation of the previous visual arts in order for the balance to prevail.

For all our graphic design work, we also proceeded to prints with delivery to the customer’s headquarters.