S. Athanasiadi

Logo redesign for a tutorial / Corporate identity design / Social media post design

Logo redesign for tutorial
Corporate identity design
Social media post design

In a friendly environment with a pedagogical character, the S. Athanasiadis foreign language school was born in 1971 and dedicated itself to teaching English to generations of students as well as writing educational books. He teaches consistently and responsibly with the most modern means of education, foreign languages.

The new visual identity of the school reveals a modern character, taking care of the recognition and excellent training of its students in the professional field.

The collaboration

The tutorial turned to raindesign office to “refresh” the already existing logo that they had and did not represent them. Thus, we created a modern version of the logo in order to highlight its philosophy in the best way.

Concept: Based on the concept of the original old logo, we renewed the mark and font, modernized and modernized it. The logic of the window remains with the initial letter “A” (from Athanasiadis) projecting through it. The “a” which also looks like a signature, grows taller, grows, progresses so much that it breaks the window in its attempt to grow even more, throwing off some pieces of it. A powerful logo that captures evolution and progress.

The colors we used are dark gray, a serious and elegant color. It reflects professionalism and teamwork. Bright yellow emphasizes and symbolizes energy and intelligence.

We also designed the business card and graphic post for social media posts about new registrations for the fall season.