Book cover design and pagination

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Book cover design and pagination

Rodi De Fuca was born in Greece and lives in Spain. With Spanish studies and literature from the University of Barcelona, he has published books in Spain and Greece, as well as Greek and Spanish translations. He is a columnist for the Greek newspaper Aichmi Aetolnias and a member of the Homeric group “Geography of Odyssey”.

The cooperation

The collaboration of our office for the design of the covers and the pagination – typewriting of his books, was for us a very pleasant and highly creative experience. We love designing book covers because we think it’s a very delicate process. To create it we must give great basis and impetus to reach out and get the book to read. This is the purpose of writing a book.

The book “The mistress of Laguna” is a poem, known to us as a poetic anthology. It is connected with the lagoon of Messolonghi and with the love that led to the creation of the painting that stars on the cover of the book. The pattern on the top with the blue brush color was placed to emphasize even more the meaning of the handmade painting. On the back cover, the landscape and the deposited point of the lagoon of Messolonghi can be seen.

The rest of the book has translated poems by Ibero-American melancholic poets. The third part is some melodic poems where they were written in a minimal form to give the reader the feeling of rest and relaxation the moment he reads it.