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Newsletter managment

Richardos is a company with 3 stores in Thessaloniki, which has been active in the sale of musical instruments since 1977. The aim is to strengthen its presence on social media and increase its visibility on the internet.

The cooperation

The collaboration with Rihardos stores concerns the monthly management of its social media and newsletters. We design and create content that is of interest to music fans and bands.

Through social media management
of the company, we create content addressed to different types of music, to store products, to the promotion of various brands, aiming to cover the preferences and interests of all music lovers. And of course, we are not limited to product promotion only. We also make various music quizzes to entertain the users and followers of the pages.

At the same time, we maintain a constant presence in the company’s newsletters every month, with the aim of informing its customers about new products, offers or offering various tips to users for the use and maintenance of their musical instruments. We also provide advice on purchasing new products as well as suggestions for accessories and equipment that can enhance their music experience.

By strengthening the company’s presence on social media and newsletters, we offer the company the opportunity to communicate directly with its customers and promote its products to a wide audience.