NP Nail art school

Logo design / Banner design for social media

Logo design
Banner design for social media

NP Nail art school is a contemporary nail school space in Athens created by Nail art designer Nancy Paltogloy. A place for people who want to learn and start their journey in the magical world of nails. Logo design and banner design for social media are among the graphic services we undertook for the school.

The collaboration

The owner of the school wanted to renew her brand and approached our office for the redesign of her brand. We gave the design a more modern and creative character that fully expresses the philosophy of each space.

The design of logo is a minimal perspective which is based on the initials of its name. The slight intervention in the font we made together with the subtlety of the words that accompany it, highlight the character of the school. This whole is a characteristic mark that immediately attracts the interest inviting the viewer to connect directly with it.

Having understood the value of the professional presenting a beautiful and functional design on social media, we undertook the creation of the graphic banners. The graphic banners on social media are mainly about the seminars-courses held at the school.

By keeping a specific style to display our graphic posts, visual communication is done with harmony and coherence. The professional and organized way they post wins the page’s fans. Their design is always dominated by uniformity so that there is corresponding recognition. But also why every business must have its own character and its own distinct personality. Graphic banners on social media are an organized marketing strategy.

This visualization of information allows the public to form a very good impression of the school and aim to attract them.