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A small but beautiful camp in the wild beauty of nature in Cardiff, Wales. Landscapes flooded with green colors are waiting for little visitors to explore.

The daily activities of our little friends become a real adventure and life experience in the natural beauty of camping.

For the project we designed the logo, the trifold newsletter and some banners for social media.

Η συνεργασία

The logo we curated is inspired by the dense vegetation of the location. The leaves are joined in such a way as to form an Indian tent, a feature reminiscent of a camping activity.

The brochure in the style of the trifold brochure in a relaxed and light format, perfectly in harmony with elements of the natural environment, gives the reader the feeling that he too participates in the activities.

The poster we designed was based on the linear element, giving a completely breezy summer note. The poster, which will be placed in various parts of the camp, depicts elements associated with a camp such as mountains, trees, swimming pool, ball, etc.

The graphic banners for the social media they were for us the starting point of the summer holidays where with great joy and creativity we rendered the top camping activities through images and graphics. We created a constant graphic pattern for Camping and we move in the same style in all its applications. The aim, however, beyond that, is that everything we do attracts and draws the public’s interest. That’s why we put a lot of emphasis not just on one photo but on the whole.