Design of packaging and labels of Monastery products

Packaging design
Label design

Design of packaging and labels of Monastery products.

Just before the village of Trikorfo on a beautiful slope, is the Monastery of Agios Nektarios and Fanourios.

So in this there is the candle factory, the tailor, the beekeeping, the hagiography, the manufacture of church items, Easter candles, rosaries, animal maintenance, book publishing, magazines, vegetable cultivation, creation of various pasta, cheese products, etc..

The Monastery addressed our office to undertake the design of packaging and labels for all the products they manufacture.

The goal from the beginning was for all packaging to contain a linear element that would refer to a component of the product. This makes the packaging more creative and more special. In some packages we had to add a photo from the Monastery at the time of production of the products. This was done to emphasize even more that these are handmade products made exclusively there.

The cooperation

We started with the label of one kilo of honey and proceeded to adjust it to half a kilo. The adjustment was made the same for the thyme honey with a change in the graphic elements. We continued with labels of spoon sweets in different flavors, as well as labels for jams in three flavors. In the labels for the pasta, Monastic tagliatelle and screws, we emphasized the nun’s photo at the time of their production. Then we designed labels – hanging cards for handmade soaps.

We continued with labels for Turkish delights, in round packaging, with kraft background, where we gave a more vintage style, in a variety of flavors as well. We designed labels for cosmetic products such as face cleansing lotion, body lotion, anti-aging eye cream, exfoliating body cream, waxes.

Almost all labels are based on the linear element where in the same order of its category, the content of the product and its ingredient change accordingly.