Eshop design and construction for handmade jewelry / Eshop construction

Creation and construction of an eshop

Construction of an eshop for MisMundos with special and unique types of handmade jewelry from real branches and leaves, inspired by nature, using only traditional silversmithing techniques and without chemicals.

The owner works the products with silver, gold, diamonds and precious stones in their natural form.

Each piece is handmade with special care for each customer and this makes it unique for its owner. These are pieces with an organic feel and natural look. They are charming with a natural character and their style refers to a more personal look.

We started with the design of the logo with a handmade calligraphic font to emphasize exactly the handmade character of the jewelry.

The cooperation

The design and construction of the eshop that we undertook aimed to capture the traditional and natural feel of the jewelry and at the same time to expose their special visual appearance through the simple navigation of the website. We combined the minimal of the website with the appropriate choice of colors to harmonize with nature. The sense of simplicity and the aura of color of the products, is especially evident to the visitor of the website.

The website is aimed at a foreign market, so the whole site is in English.

Its navigation is a pleasant experience for the visitors of the website, finding easily and quickly what they want, fully adapted to all devices (tablet, laptop, mobile, etc.).