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Logo design for bookstore
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A small bookstore named Mindbook comes to immerse us in a fantasy experience. With its rich collection of books, it emphasizes the passion and importance of reading them.

Mindbook’s logo design and corporate identity creation identified with the reader who loves to hold knowledge and nurture their imagination in their hands.

The cooperation

Through this passion, a special brand stood out. The logo design for the Mindbook bookstore exudes calmness with its elements immediately referencing the type of business.

The circle symbolizes the man holding a book and reading while the wavy lines on the right and left symbolize the sea, an element intertwined with the company’s headquarters which is an island. The tagline (moto) of the logo further underlines the meaning and importance of the brand. The color is associated with the blue of the sea. At the same time, we designed tabs for book changes and bookmarks.

The management at social media and creating posts was a very creative part of the project as we had to focus on the power of reading and convey it as effectively as possible to the social user.

To present the books we had to declutter them and keep them separate in our design. In this way we managed to put more emphasis on the cover which plays the leading role with the ultimate goal of attracting interest.