Nursery logo and corporate identity design / Graphic design

Corporate identity design
Graphic design

Nursery logo and corporate identity design.

The school is located in a green area of 5 acres, next to the dam of Thermi . A beautiful garden with a playground, play area with sand, vegetable garden, greenhouse, tree house, farm with animals , and plenty of space for free play. 

The philosophy of the Lemon Garden is the free – organized game, experiential – exploratory game , etc. The environmental education and the development of ecological consciousness are its thematic units program so that students can learn, love and protect their environment. There is the occupation with the Vegetable Garden and the farm , acquaintance with the agricultural works, playing with the soil. Also, constructions from natural, recyclable materials or everyday materials.

The cooperation

Based on this philosophy we were asked to create a logo that would capture all of the above. For the concept, we focused on two child figures sitting on the ground and bent over the fence , who seem to be trying to explore and get to know nature better. The curves under the fence represent the hills that the soil forms on the ground. It could also be reminiscent of an open nature book that children read. All this is enclosed in a lemon shape, as its name implies.

The font is round and friendly while the colors chosen are the sweet yellow of lemon and pure brown to connect it with nature and the earthly environment. 

The design of his corporate identity communicates with the concept of love for nature and respect for the environment through children’s play. In terms of design, the elements selected on the surfaces seem to have come out of a child’s drawing using a brush, crayons and a marker. Thus, they emphasize even more the childhood and the environment of the space.