Nail school logo and corporate identity / Social media graphic design / Website redesign

Nail school logo design
Corporate identity design
Website redesign

Nail school logo and corporate identity . Website redesign.

The studio and nail school KIMNAILS, aiming to stand out from its industry and to promote its creative work in a unique way, commissioned us to design its logo and graphics on social media banners. Together with his brand and the graphics for the social media banners, we gave the studio a modern air. We manage this management with a consistent style in all the posts and a stable design style so that they are immediately recognizable and connected only with the specific brand.

The concept for the logo design revolved around the initials of the name KIMNAILS. Enclosing them in a cube with a thin outline, we gave it more elegance and finesse. A special feature is the edge of the cube that opens to drop the drop of nail polish on the letter ” n ” which resembles the index finger of a hand. The font of the brand is thin and sparse to give elegance, finesse, beauty and style.

The choice of black color emphasizes even more the luxury and perfection in the nail art and is rendered just as perfectly on a black background without losing any of the purity that distinguishes it.

The cooperation

We designed the degree of the academy and each time we undertake the design for the social media banners with the posts of the seminars of the school. It is important that social media banners have harmony and a common single image that will make the brand recognizable. At the same time, they will give him a professional breath and will make him stand out from the competitors in his field. This gives strength and value to the brand!


In this part we edited the redesign of the website with a custom design. We gave special emphasis to minimal design in order to highlight even more the high services and products of the site.