Wedding Invitation Design / Printing

Invitation card design

Agapi’s wedding invitation was created by the couple’s desire for something more special based on a cutter.

Η συνεργασίαThe cooperation

The cutter would be a thick, dark blue watercolor paper, which would be folded on the left side with a round cutter point from which their initials could be seen through the white paper that we would place on top. It would all be tied together with a ribbon that would go through the extra holes we applied to the left side of the head cutter..

Finally, above and below the round cutter, we placed a floral linear design and gave it an embossed shape to make the result even more impressive..

The choice of pink color emphasizes a romantic and sweet character while the dark blue color balances to cause a contrast in the eye and to “tie” visually with the first color.

At the same time, with the same paper, we created two-sided cards with a map design of the area on one side where the wedding will take place and on the other side where the event will take place. All together they were placed in white watercolor envelopes that we ordered.

In a floral and pink philosophy, after a while, we created on watercolor paper the design of the couple’s christening invitation, in a simple and unpretentious style. The font chosen emphasizes a childish but also playful character. Both invitations were printed in two languages, Greek and German.