Jewelry Logo Design / Graphic Design

Logo design for handmade jewelry
Corporate identity design

Evita creates handmade unique and special jewelry, able to inspire the feminine nature, offering her elegant elements that will make her stand out.

Evita approached our office to design the logo and its corporate identity.

The cooperation

The title evita was rendered in an easy-to-read font that expresses charm, elegance and simplicity. The logo design for jewelry was based on a specific concept. We designed a gold necklace that directly represents her personality and reflects her products. Internally, the initial letter “e” seems to form like a design, but we placed it mainly to connect it directly to her name. This way we make the logo more personalized and unique.

The color palette consists of classic yet elegant black and luxurious gold.

In her business card design, the alternation of black on the back and white on the front accentuates the minimalism and refinement of her handmade jewelry.