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Logo design
Corporate identity design

Corporate identity for security systems company. The company Ergointertech, based in Thessaloniki, is active in the field of alarms and security systems. Provides products of modern technology and specialized consulting services.

Its focus is the study and design of integrated security systems solutions with high standards. It also provides excellent technical support service. Customer service, sales department, administration and signal reception and early warning center are always available.

Η συνεργασία

For the design of the logo, our initial idea was to connect it to a house so that it refers to the object of the business. But to be able to differentiate it from anything else, we placed inside the building plan the signal given by the alarm. So we emphasize even more and declare the security and protection within it.

The font we chose is modern, contemporary and clear.

The color shade of blue symbolizes security and reliability and in combination with black emphasizes the trust and prestige of the company.

The corporate identity design of the company is a single set of visual communication, which creates harmony, balance in its image, ensuring recognizability. We have chosen specific icons that are related to the object and that accompany the image of the company in all its applications to make it even more direct and clear to the public..

We designed and printed business cards, letterhead, invoices, neck advertising cords with card and window stickers.