Civil engineer logo and corporate identity

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Civil engineer logo and corporate identity .

Ekaterini Papa is a civil engineer with a wide range of work which concerns the studies, constructions and permits of buildings, arbitrary legalizations, energy efficiency certificates, store operating licenses, etc.

The cooperation

The logo is a purely minimal design just like any logo that is designed. And of course what makes it stand out is that it is unique, designed from the beginning with simplicity and clarity and of course easy to remember.

We put more emphasis on the horizontal and vertical clean lines to emphasize the object that is active and that in combination with the initials of its name we achieved what we had initially set as a goal in terms of the central idea (concept). The color blue was used to symbolize prestige and experience.

The design continued with the creation of an external tarpaulin – banner adding the services and elements of the company with such a style that clearly reflects the status of civil engineer.

Then her business cards were designed with simplicity and simple lines. The whole composition of the corporate identity is a single whole that aims at the recognition of the company. The whole corporate presence together is governed by responsibility, trust, seriousness and professionalism.