Logo design / Corporate identity of construction company / Printing

Logo design
Corporate identity of a construction company

Logo design / Corporate identity of a construction company. In the context of differentiation from competing companies, the owner asked us to design the new corporate identity and logo for the new house and building construction company based in Belgium.

The cooperation

Our initial thought was to focus on the first letter of the word Almare the “A” that resembles a roof. Giving this peculiarity to the name we managed to immediately refer the viewer to understand what is related to the specific activity of the company, at a glance.

We placed the “A-roof” in the foreground and gave it the right color to stand out. In combination with the black of the other letters we managed to attract the interest even more.

We created, along with the logo , a brand that will accompany it. This brand includes 3 buildings at different heights to state that the company, in addition to building houses and villas, is also involved in the construction of various large buildings and apartments.

Later we proceeded to create the new corporate identity and specifically the business cards. We focused and rendered with lines and patterns, in the style of the logo, a style with timelessness and prestige. It gives a seriousness and professionalism, characteristics that refer to the philosophy and culture of the company.

With the last touch in the printing of the corporate cards we added even more emphasis. We chose local uv relief on 700g paper to emphasize points on the card. This quality comes to take off the aesthetic effect of the business card and make it more attractive. It goes beyond the usual standards of the most common cards on the market.

A pure minimal design which in combination with the use of the specific colors we have chosen “speak” in the visual language of services of high prestige and aesthetics.