Alexander carpets

Logo design / corporate identity for carpet company / Graphic design / Carpet catalog design

Logo design
Carpet catalog design

In this project we undertook the design of the logo and corporate identity for carpet company and the design of the carpet catalog for ALEXANDER CARPETS SA at the 12th km. Thessaloniki Kavala. Its main activity is the marketing of carpets around the world .

The company until now had an old image that held it back and did not help it to highlight the high quality of its products. Our office undertook the redesign of the corporate identity and other graphic design services.

The cooperation

Raindesign undertook the design of a fresh and modern logo. The symbol seems to represent the fibers of a carpet. At the same time, through the fibers it forms the original of the company name and thus composes a modern visual effect. The font is line and modern, very characteristic and stylish.

Gold is an earthy color as it is also directly intertwined with elegance and refinement. We had in mind that the carpet heats a space. So, we wanted to capture these thoughts in the choice of color palette.

Then, after the logo was completed, we undertook the design of the carpet catalog which had to be well organized and sorted by product categories. The catalog concerns the AUTUMN & WINTER 2021-2022 collections.

We paid special attention to the style of the catalog knowing that the appearance is the one that counts a lot and attracts the reader’s attention. The aim is to highlight the products through the uniformity and harmony of the catalog design. Colors and images in the catalog offer warmth and intimacy.

Several carpets were processed and used in interior photos to give a more “real” look and feel of the product.