The first creative interest comes from you either by phone or via e-mail, we listen to your goals and wants. Your initial design guidance is crucial. The direction you will give us will be transferred to our plans in combination with our own proposals.
Discussion / Evaluation / Plan
Then, after gathering all the information from you and understanding what you are asking for, we proceed to the costing and sending of the offer form together with terms and conditions, taking care of the cost to benefit both parties.
Cost estimation / Sending an quote form
By accepting the offer, we analyze with questions more what we are called to do. We start looking for and exploring new fresh and exciting ideas. We study, research and take data from the information you have given us that will be a source of inspiration. We analyze the competitive environment and the market.
Project analysis / Research / Competitive environment
Once we have gathered all the information, we are ready to apply it and put the idea into practice. We work with you in parallel and inform you about the steps.
Idea development / Implementation / Presentation
Based on the information and preferences you have given us, we present our suggestions. We improve whatever you want and adapt it to your requirements. This process works in “rounds” (improvements-changes) to reach the final result.
Presentation / Evaluation / Improvement
We deliver the project to you completed and in the format you want or if there is a print you can assign it to us by sending it to your headquarters.
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