Motion Graphics.

Creating video motion.
Animated graphics for social media.

We give life to your graphic design through creative movements that we design for you, the so-called animated graphics. Creating video motion concerns either social media either your newsletter campaigns or your site. No, we are not animators. What we do is design your graphics, and with various effects we give them to make them move. So we emphasize design and more specifically social media, through animated graphics for social media.

Motion for graphics catches the eye

Creating animated graphics on social media

Users spend more time on social media watching a graphic – motion video compared to static posts. That is why it is good in the management of social media, between static graphics and images, to include the creation of motion graphics in order to create more attraction to the users who follow you and to “break” the monotony of the page.

What we do is create content for your business page on social media. When we design a motion image with animated graphics on social media and of course depending on the topic that the customer wants to share, we always follow the design direction of his company identity.

After all, according to statistical studies, animated graphics give life, attract more eyes and have a greater impact than a static graphic.

Video ads are an undeniably important way to get your audience’s attention and increase the impact of your post.

What will benefit me?

  • It is more attractive than a static image </ li>
  • You stand out from your competitors
  • Nothing ready. It is unique and it is yours. We create your own motion fully adapted to your corporate identity.
  • Transmits more information
  • Catch more looks for longer
  • Has a greater impact than a simple post
  • Increase interaction
  • Creating Enthusiasm
  • Boost your self-confidence


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