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Brand creation – Corporate identity.
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Our newspaper was created in order to share with you information about the importance of graphic design for any business. Brand creation – Corporate identity, packaging design, website design, social media management, campaign newsletter etc.

We present various articles from our office as well as some of the latest works of our clients. Each edition will include a theme.

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A few words…

The Journal originally started from our love for the work which overflowed so much that we wanted to share it with you.

It is about good design and how through this your business will acquire a uniform, correct professional image. Ways to improve, tips and project examples from our clients’ projects are mentioned.

The logo is just the beginning and a logo as good as it is by itself says nothing if you do not aim at branding. Branding is the process that is done to make a brand known and has more to do with marketing. That is, the actions it takes to emerge and follow a steady, smooth course. The identity she acquires over time to become recognizable and the emotion she radiates to her audience seeing her.

Branding is all the elements that compose a brand which are the logo, the packaging, the color, the font, the style that is chosen and we walk according to it in all the other graphic applications of the company.

Branding is what makes people feel, how they feel about you, what you stand for, who you want to be and how others see you. Branding is the long process to gain a reputation, to be trusted by your audience and to stay in their hearts. This is branding…